Photosynthesis Presentations

  1. Day #1 (Tuesday 4/19): In your new table groups you will produce a minimum of 6 slide presentation about the process of photosynthesis. In your presentation you should include (but not necessarily in this order):


  1. What is photosynthesis?
  2. Why is it important?
  3. Where does it take place?
  4. How does it work?
    1. Describe the process in detail
    2. What goes into it?
    3. What does it produce?
  5. Who are the key players in photosynthesis
    1. What role does each play in the process?
  6. Who benefits from photosynthesis?
  7. Who discovered it?
    1. Describe the experiment
  8. Why are plants green?
    1. Why do they change colors in the fall?


  1. Share completed presentation with Glen at


  1. Day #2 (Thursday 4/21)Join one other table group to combine the best parts of each of your presentations. Each group must contribute to stage two of the process. I will be looking for evidence of both group’s work in stage 2.


  1. Email completed presentation to Glen at


  1. Day #3 (Monday 4/25) Each of three groups will present their PowerPoints. The class will take notes as they listen..looking for important material not covered in their own presentation.


  1. Day #4 (Tuesday 4/26) Groups will get back together to add other important information for final draft which is due at the end of class.


Some helpful links:

Science 4/11

Your task for the next two class periods is to track the ingredients in a common American meal. Take a look at the picture that has been handed out and do your best to investigate each and every component. The product of your research will be a poster board mapping each ingredient back to the original source, the Sun. Please use mind map software Mindmup ( to outline your work before you begin working on the board. It is up to you how to construct the visual map, but you must include pictures and connecting lines. I will show you an example prior to the start of the project. Have fun!

Art Update

Thank you to everyone who has responded to the blog post for art. Don’t forget your response is due tomorrow. If you don’t see your response appear right away, don’t panic. WordPress asks me to approve it before it shows up. Feel free to email me at if you do not see your post appear by Saturday morning.

Once you respond, I will use the gmail you associate with your post to share a folder with you via Google Drive. You may upload your  visual portion of the assignment to this folder. (We discovered that would be way easier than blog posting). Please come see me or email if you have questions or troubles with this. The visual component is not due until Tuesday.


Rhode Island: Cooler & Warmer!

Thank  you for the lively conversation in art class today regarding the new logo and ad campaign for our lovely state of Rhode Island. Read below for a summary of this current event, links, and assignment directions. -Anne


This is the new Rhode Island logo designed by Milton Glaser, designer of the “I Love NY” logo. The slogan accompanies a new marketing campaign aimed at attracting businesses and tourism to the Ocean State. So far it’s receiving mixed reviews.

Read the full article, which includes the cost of this design, the former slogan, and public reaction. Scroll down to see Twitter responses.

Here is the article about the marketing video:

Assignment Part One: Written Response 

Write a reactionary blog post (1-2 paragraphs) about your feelings regarding the new logo, slogan, ad campaign, video, or all of the above. Tell us what you like or dislike and why. You may choose any aspect of what we discussed today or a new point of view.

Post your response in the comments by this Friday, April 1.

Assignment Part Two: Visual Response 

Choose one of the following:

Create 4 parodies of the new Rhode Island logo.


Redesign the campaign. Make a logo and slogan you think is better.

Either assignment can be done digitally or traditionally (drawing, collage, painting, etc).

Create a blog post and upload your image or photo of your art by

6pm on Tuesday, April 5th.

Your post should include your name and the hashtag #coolerandwarmer

Make sure to check “art” in the categories section on the left toolbar. See Glen, Cali or Anne for blog posting help.