Community Charter 2015 – 2016

Hello, Awesome Ones!

Here’s a list of the buzz words that we brainstormed this afternoon. Consider what is important to you as a student and as a classmate:

  • comfortable
  • trust/trustworthy/trusting
  • clean
  • kind
  • friendly
  • leader/leadership
  • safe/safety (emotional and physical)
  • judgement-free
  • be yourself
  • accepting
  • willing to embrace failure
  • seeking opportunities and remaining positive
  • open to new ideas
  • communicate a lot
  • listen well
  • be respectful
  • upbeat; see the good in situations
  • civilized
  • thoughtful
  • peaceful
  • considerate
  • knowledge
  • support
  • actively engaged/ willing to participate
  • leading without dominating or overpowering
  • open to listening
  • understanding
  • agree to disagree
  • practice empathy and sympathy

Benefits of living in a community:

  • having each other’s backs
  • division of labor; meeting the needs of others
  • each person contributes/ benefits the whole group
  • accomplish tasks that require a team
  • exchange ideas, creativity, humor, lessons learned
  • safety and strength in numbers/provide protection
  • give and take

Please aim to spend thirty minutes drafting your Charter. It should be at least six sentences long and include your vision for a great community and an incredibly enjoyable year. If you are unable to type and print your work, please neatly handwrite it. Be prepared to hand this assignment in tomorrow (Friday, September 4th).

Thanks so much- and congratulations on surviving your first day!

Humanities Homework Reminder: Week of 5/18 – 5/22


1.) Persuasive Essay: Works Cited and FINAL draft due: Tuesday, 5/26!

2.) Twilight Zone: Ready to view by Wednesday, June 3rd!!!!


1.) Current Event #27 due Thursday, 5/21 (Grandparent’s Day is this Friday, so we will have to adjust accordingly).

2.) Compare and contrast Characteristics of Ancient Rome & Feudalism (TBA: I’ll keep you posted and will give you time to work on this during class).

Humanities Homework Reminder: Week of 5/11 – 5/15


1.) Study for Wordly Wise multi-unit assessment.This assessment will take place on Wednesday, May 13th.

Please use the bank of words provided in the post from April 29th to study from. Only a few “pop-quiz” words will be added to the test, however, these words (which won’t be on your master list for studying) will be the simple, more familiar words we’ve encountered (ahem, citrus). I’ll be spending some time reviewing the words with you each day leading up to the assessment, and will let you know all about the format.

Again, the point of studying vocabulary is to broaden the palette of words you have to choose from- you are the artist who can use these words to great and beautiful effect. As we’ve discussed, each word you use has it’s own connotation (<—- speaking of vocab)…and the connotation of each word can be likened to a hue on a color spectrum. Words are beautiful and meant to be used without fear! So don’t stress about this lil’ test. Enjoy the words!

2.) Twilight Zone “to do” list: due Tuesday, 5/12. Make a detailed list of the materials, locations, times of filming etc. Make sure you think of who will be filming the scenes while your teammates are acting!

ALSO: You must provide a list of songs and any additional material for my approval before including it in your video! It is very important to me that you express yourselves with freedom and creativity, however, you must consider your audience and approach this in an appropriate way.


1.) Current Event #26 due Friday, 5/15

2.) Learning About Islam Search Assignment due Thurs., 5/14

Vocab Study Lists!

Book 7 Vocabulary Words

Unit 1: abate, impartial, irrelevant, industrious, precise

Unit 2: astute, delicacy, derogatory, prior, ungainly

Unit 3: benefactor, devious, bestow, devoid, heed

Unit 4: dilapidated, illustrious, antagonize, correspond, competent

Unit 5: respite, capitulate, menial, indifferent, strenuous

Unit 6: aspire, impunity, retort, blatant, candid

Unit 7: consternation, delectable, ponder, revelry, haughty

Unit 8: headlong, acrid, stringent, impede, inevitable

Unit 9: grievous, placate, nomad, inundate, ensue

Unit 10: assert, vigilant, plight, docile, avert

BOOK 8 Vocabulary Words

Unit 1: avid, resilient, pervade, evoke, concise

Unit 2: corroborate, succumb, endeavor, cursory, gingerly

Unit 3: conjecture, prevalent, disposition, extricate, encompass

Unit 4: affable, despondent, reverberate, tirade, entreat

Unit 5: audacious, depict, conscientious, lackadaisical, prudent

Unit 6: assimilate, dissension, meticulous, apprehend, lionize

Unit 7:deluge, contingent, inane, dispel, daunt

Unit 8: adept, capacious, crucial, fastidious, copious

Unit 9: influx, unseemly, staple, divert, intricate

Unit 10: flagrant, commemorate, abject, languish, turmoil