Technical Difficulties

Hello All,

I’m writing to let you know that there are still some technical difficulties on my end. I’ll be working with Glen tomorrow morning…hopefully everything will be all set by tomorrow.



Read for 30 minutes

Work on Gandhi essay for 1 hour


Read Native American Indian project packet. Choose 1 project/subject and be prepared to begin research tomorrow.


Reading Workshop: Letter to Cali

Awesome Ones,

I’m so thrilled to embark upon our first round of Reading Workshop! If it’s a success, we’ll continue this practice. My goals are to facilitate lively conversations, help you determine which books are best for you, and further develop your understanding of the literary devices that -when combined with the magic of an author’s voice and well structured writing- will engage and challenge you as readers and writers. I hope you find this process enjoyable, and am so grateful to you for the effort I know you’re so capable of putting forth.

Please write me a very brief letter detailing the book you’ve selected. Use the prompt below to guide you. Please PRINT YOUR LETTER and be prepared to turn it in on Monday, 11/16 (in my English inbox).

Let’s enjoy some glorious books!

Dear Cali,

I’m very interested in reading ______________________ by _______________________.

I’ve chosen this book because…

The three other books I’m interested in reading are…

I’m interested in these alternate choices because…

I understand that I will be expected to share my choice with you and my parents by Monday, November 16th.