Humanities Homework Preview: Snow Day Edition

Happy Abominable Snowmen, Everyone!

I hope you’re staying safe and warm today and enjoying Mother Nature’s 4 day weekend.

Though I’m still unable to post the weekly preview, I’m sending along a list of this week’s homework.

Reminder: Tuesday, Feb. 16 is the date of your Vocab mid-term

Reminder: Read for a minimum of 20 minutes each night

In preparation for the mid-term, please continue to write your Vocab Vignettes. You’ve already completed Units 8, 1 &2. Please see the schedule below for the remaining vignette due dates:

Vocab Vignette Units 3 &4 due: Wednesday, Feb 10

Vocab Vignette Units 5 & 6 due: Thursday, Feb 11 (send to by 12:00pm)

Vocab Vignette Units 7 & 9 due: Friday, Feb 12 (send to by 12:00pm)

Vocab Vignette Unit 10 due: Monday, Feb 15

Current Events will be postponed due to parent teacher conferences. Focus on writing your vignettes and studying for the mid-term.






Updated Science Fair Calendar

Hey Guys!

We have updated the Science Fair (Epic Living Timeline of Science) calendar. Please take a look at his and update your planners and begin to formulate your plan. At this point you should already be working on your object and beginning to thing about your rap and the song you are planning to use.


  • January 19 – Assignment Intro
  • January 19 – Assign Topics
  • January 29 – Complete research notes due to Glen and Cristin
  • January 29- February 19 – Gather Materials and build object outside of school
  • Feb 8-16th – Create board in class
    • Boards are due on February 16th
  • February 8-February 19th – Work on rap in class
    • Final Draft of rap is due on February 16th
  • February 16th – February 19th – Gather costumes and rehearse in class
  • February 22- March 2nd – Rehearse rap and booth presentation in class
  • March 4th – Everyone is ready to go only final tweaking
  • March7-March 9th – Final touches
  • March 9 – Science Fair


Due dates:

  1. Song chosen that you will rap to 2/8
  2. Completed boards are due 2/16
  3. Completed objects built by 2/19
  4. Final drafts of raps due 2/22
  5. Costume due date 2/22

Humanities Homework: Week of 1/18 – 1/23

Hello All,

Here are some reminders:


1.) Vocabulary Unit 10 due: Wednesday, 1/20

2.) Study for Unit 10 Quiz: Friday, 1/22

3.) Read 20 minutes EACH NIGHT. (This means Monday through Sunday!) I will be periodically checking with you on your progress. Remember to bring in the books you have selected and update your reading log as you complete each book. You’re expected to bring your book to and from school each day.