Twilight Zone: Deadline Update


The deadline for the first draft of your entire Twilight Zone script is Thursday, April 30th. This is a hard deadline!

We need the scripts to be completed in order to make time for filming. Remember: some filming will take place here at the school. We will discuss filming schedules and I will help guide you through creating a checklist for filming (in the interest of maximizing your time).

Please keep an eye on the blog for more deadlines!

Wordly Wise Unit 10: Resources

Please use the links provided to study for this week’s quiz:

Book 7 Resources are available here: Book 7 Unit 10 Word List

Book 8 Resources are available here: Book 8 Unit 10 Word List

Please let me know if you’re having any trouble viewing the links!

Reminder: Each week, you’ll still have the chance to earn 5 points of extra credit (draw 5 pictures with 5 sentences to match- you can choose which 5 words from that week’s unit to illustrate).